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  • What are bait tanks?
    a Bait Tank is a product that 1-holds water and 2- helps promote keep bait alive.
  • What size tank should I put on my boat?
    Under 15 ft 35G or less 16-21 ft 35 - 50G 21-23 ft 50 - 65G 23-25 ft 60 - 90G 25-30 ft 75 -120G 30-40 ft 100 -125G 40 + 125 and more
  • What size Inlet and outlet do they come with?
    All Bait tanks under 200G come with the same inlet and outlet plumbing Inlet is a 1" threaded female PVC fitting Oultlet is a 1.5" threaded Female PVC fitting May Vary for any Custom Tank
  • Where are the fish?
    Your on your own... go fish..
  • Bait pump sizes?
    This equation can vary depending on a few major factors 1- Water Pick Up Point, know as a "through hole" size and placement 2- Tank distance from your through hole and most importantly the vertical distance water will have to travel to get to your tank 3- Tank size, based on Gallon size KEY NOTES -Most skiffs under 25' do not have to worry about vertical distances since most boats are not large enough to have a high vertical run - 26' and up will typicaly have to factor in vertical distance from through hole to Tank - You will not have to get large bait tank systems (Pumps, outlets, power inverters) until you get into the 120+ tank ranges. Tank size Pump size Through Hole size 35 G 500GPH 1/2" 40-65 G 750-800GPH 3/4" 65-80 G 1100- 1200GPH 1" 90-100 G 1400-1600GPH 1" 120 G tanks + will have to be discussed
  • Is hardware included?
    Every Tank we sell comes with all your basic mounting hardwar a set of fiberglass 90 degree brackets stainless screws finishing washers a Starboard lid
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